Managed Data & Analytics

We help make decisions easier, provide good information faster and make insights actionable.

We Turn Your Data Into Insights (and Revenue)

Your business performance and marketing data is only as useful as how you apply it. Our in-house data team warehouses and integrates key internal and external data, and then feeds it back to your people through easy-to-grasp custom dashboards, reports, scorecards, and more. By outsourcing your analytics technology—and insourcing an analytics mindset—to our team, you gain the capabilities and insights offered by leading in-house solutions faster and more efficiently.

360-Degree Insights
Custom Dashboards
Data Warehousing
Cloud Computing
Machine Learning/AI
DaaS (Data as a Service)


We give you real-time access to critical datasets so your teams can make revenue-driving business moves quicker.


Together, we create one source of truth and make it accessible to all who need it. When all parties—your teams, our teams, partner teams—have right data and associated insights in-hand, everything works better. 


Leverage advanced reporting and analysis to make smarter decisions for your business, faster.


Our Systems Architecture

  • Automated Integration
  • Secure Repository of Your Data
  • Enhanced Data Governance
  • Service Account API Access
  • Centralized Analytics
  • Holistic Data Insights
  • Streamlined Access
  • Scalable and Secure


Our dashboards are customized to your business, with views of your core KPIs at your fingertips. Includes live dashboards, data read-outs, user-level access, export options, collaboration options and more.

Let’s Work Together

Sample Live Dashboard with Placeholder Data

Benefits of Our Managed Data Services

Make impactful changes to your campaigns, media mix and more in a matter of days and weeks, not months or years.

Achieve significant cost savings through our expertise, optimizing your total cost of ownership with ease.

Leverage our team of SMEs and our proprietary suite of advanced analytics tools to stay a step ahead.

Drive organizational efficiency with actionable insights and speed that delivers.

Rest assured with our robust data security and unwavering commitment to data compliance.

Empower your team with live, actionable insights within reach when you need them most.