eCommerce + Organic Marketing Strategy

Deploying a truly local-first organic strategy to drive 40% qualified traffic growth in just 6 months.

Lumos Fiber
What We Did
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Lumos, a new brand in the regional fiber internet space, has aggressive sales goals and is competing against big cable and fiber internet providers in new markets. With minimal brand awareness in the expansion markets and heavy brand reliance in existing markets, Lumos needed a strong organic strategy to drive visibility for people who are searching for fiber internet but may not know about Lumos.

Our Strategic Approach

A thin website was holding this new challenger brand back, so our team built a sustainable and scalable local organic framework fueled by the most powerful SEO data available to us. To build up our topical authority and educate our target audience about the true power of fiber internet, key cornerstone content pieces were expertly written and launched. Quickly we began ranking for high-volume, non-brand fiber internet queries to get Lumos into the considered set for prospects. We coupled that with supplemental user-focused blog content and local pages that targeted longer-form queries, local searches and specific questions. Doing so not only helped these pages rank for high-intent non-brand terms, but also helped these pages build stronger authority by interlinking and giving the user an optimal experience.

Photo of someone on their phone and searching on the internet


Targeting high-volume, product related terms to enhance Lumos’ visibility for main service offerings.


Using proprietary tools and approaches, we identified local search opportunities and long-tail keywords competitors weren’t targeting.


We regularly conduct audits and deliver technical updates and website fixes to partner teams to ensure 100% site health.

Lumos website page screenshot for what is fiber content
Different Lumos web pages in phones

The Results

Organic Marketing Strategy

Growing traffic & sales with a targeted content strategy.

144% Total non-brand click growth since partnership

60% Page 1 keyword growth since partnership

34% Total organic sales growth QoQ

Page 1 ranking chart
Non-brand vs Brand keywords chart

Production of original, unique and resourceful localized content is core to our strategy, which has driven sustainable and ongoing growth.

18% Growth in page one organic keywords MoM

11% Growth in Organic Traffic from location pages MoM

15% Growth in Purchases from location pages M/M

An Award-Winning Strategy

Recognized for innovation and application of organic strategy principles.

We’re honored to have been recognized among agencies and brands across the country by BrightEdge for this organic and SEO marketing strategy, which won its 2023 Elevating Award.