eCommerce, Paid Search, National & Local Sales Strategy

Diamond in the Rough: Rebuilding an eCommerce campaign for immediate growth.

Fink’s Jewelers
What We Did
eCommerce, Paid Search, National & Local Sales Strategy

The fine jewelry space is crowded, with plenty of businesses jockeying for ad space in online markets nationwide. When Fink’s Jewelers approached us in late 2023, they had seen a steady decrease in sales YoY and were ready to throw in the towel on paid advertising for their eCommerce campaigns. Understanding this was a last-chance campaign, we worked quickly. The result: a laser-focused paid search campaign with near-immediate sales traction.

Rapid Solutions for Positive Growth

We knew we needed to act fast to increase Fink’s Jewelers position and efficacy in paid results. In November 2023, we rebuilt campaigns around the jewelry designers Fink’s carries, capitalizing on name recognition for search optimization, and examined where and why certain geographic regions were targeted. We cut to the core of the issue, eliminating targeting for around 20 states that had never received sales from advertising and trimmed down their spending to focus on top-performing states. Almost instantly, conversions shot up month-over-month, with increases in November and December 2023 and Q1 2024.

Image of map targeting and online ring page

Shopping Ads Strategy

Growing traffic & sales with a targeted ad strategy.

Fink’s former automated campaigns in Performance Max were holding their growth potential back with wayward spending. We paused those and moved forward with more targeted shopping campaigns around their designer offerings. We placed these primarily in their most profitable states after eliminating targeting on states that hadn’t seen results in sales. We immediately saw higher impression share totals and more cost-effective CPCs. More sales on a smaller, streamlined budget—it was a dream scenario for Fink’s Jewelers. 

Narrowing down geotargeting allowed our paid search team to be aggressive with the remaining search impression shares, winning more auctions for ads in search engines. While concluding which states we’d target, we focused on locations where Fink’s Jewelers had a physical presence to help with traffic. That strategy had multiple facets—higher-end jewelry is a purchase many prefer to make in person, so deploying our ads near Fink’s stores was an easy call. 

By streamlining campaigns to focus on designer brands in high-sales locations, our team placed Fink’s Jewelers back in competition with high-quality, well-performing ads. The results speak for themselves.

35% Q1 Online Sales YoY Growth for All Campaign Performance

75% PQ1 Online Sales Growth YoY for Designer Brands

Charlotte store location for Finks
Rolex store interior for Finks