Social Media

Top 5 Social Media Trends for Businesses in 2022

By Eugenia Hart, Social Media Strategist

Year after year, social media continues to expand the user experience and how we consume our favorite brands online. In its infancy, social media was primarily used to keep up with family and friends. It has since metamorphosed into an advertising candy shop.

Social media remains the ultimate playground to create engaged digital communities and the ideal space to convert fans into customers. Social app giants are ever-evolving as they find innovative ways to keep consumers engaged and scrolling for longer periods of time. It’s no surprise that brands are investing in this funnel to capture their audience’s attention.

So, what’s worth keeping your eye on in 2022? We’re sharing the top social media trends for businesses to pay attention to in the new year.

1. Influencers Run the World

OK, so maybe not the world. But it’s no surprise that the Creator economy is now worth over $100 billion and is projected to grow every year. Evidence of influencer value is seen in how social media leaders TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and even LinkedIn are investing in Creator marketplaces. Creator marketplaces serve as a venue for creators and brands to discover one another and connect with ease. Millions have been allocated to creating these tools that cater to influencers.

2. Short-Form Video Is King

When we think about capturing the audience’s attention, short-form vertical video is king. The shorter the video length, the better. Being able to capture the attention of the viewer in the first 3 seconds and video view completion rate are two of the top metrics that differentiate a low-engagement post from one that skyrockets to virality.

Studies show that short-form videos on Instagram get more engagement—more than its competitor TikTok! Extra engagement points if the video production is less polished, spur-of-the-moment or incorporates unedited Live video feed content.

If you haven’t implemented video into your brand content strategy, now is a better time than any to jump on board.

3. Brand Transparency On Social Justice Issues

With the rise of highly publicized social justice concerns, many brands spoke out against racism with brand messaging declaring a want to listen, learn, and do better. The consumer demand to know a company’s stance on certain issues will only climb, forcing brands to rethink how they respond to social issues.

Additional topics that matter to consumers include body inclusivity in marketing, environmental activism and maternal and paternity leave. We shared our fave brands that took on social issues by navigating these worthy conversations. More and more customers are taking a harder look at where they spend their dollars and what brands decide to address issues that are central to their personal values.

4. Social Commerce Becomes the Norm

$1.2 trillion. Yup. It’s expected that social commerce will reach incredible heights in profit and popularity. Social media has become the one-stop-shop for a shopping experience. From product discovery to click-to-purchase and post-purchase support, everything is happening without ever having to leave the social platform. Evidence shows that over 70% of small businesses opt to sell on social media.

5. Continued Focus on Mental Health and Burnout

With lockdowns, working from home, and an increase in time spent online, mental health and burnout have affected everyone. Instagram is really leading the charge by displaying the importance of stepping away from screens via their Take a Break feature

This tool allows Instagram users the option to take a break from scrolling. It comes with expert-backed tips on how to limit screen time. Time will tell if other social platforms follow suit in the new year.

Social media remains a wild wave with new features to learn, new audiences to reach, and intriguing stories to tell. The opportunities are endless. If you’ve made it this far, you MUST want to read our take on marketing trends to follow in 2022.