The Secret to Writing Killer Content for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) and high-quality content writing go hand in hand. 

That’s because a website that earns a first-page ranking (the holy grail of SEO) is written for both the search engine and humans. 

If your content is not well-optimized for SEO, you run the risk that 1) your content appeals to readers but can’t be easily found, or 2) your website ranks high but has a high bounce rate because your content isn’t useful. Neither of these scenarios will drive the right traffic to your website and brand.

Watch our SEO and content specialists explain why your website’s SEO strategy is only as strong as its content, and what exactly makes content SEO-friendly.


Josh: Hey, everyone. I’m Josh, a Search Marketing Analyst here at TriMark Digital.

Molly: And I’m Molly, a content writer.  Today we’re going to be discussing why it’s so important that your website has SEO-friendly content.

Molly: SEO has been a digital marketing tactic for over a decade – but it’s changed a lot over the years. Strategies that worked 2 years ago may not be as effective today. 

Josh: That’s right! Google has made a holistic effort to focus search results on delivering the best content for the user. That means your content has to be exactly that — useful, and relevant, and discoverable. In other words, if the user is happy, search engines are happy. 

Molly: Google wants to provide users with the best possible answers to the questions being searched. To rank #1, your content must be good. That means it’s straightforward and comprehensive, clearly answering the search query.

Josh: The result: your customers find what they need, and you position yourself as the trusted resource they’ll be more likely to do business with.

Molly: Writing for SEO is basically just good writing that’s well-targeted against common queries customers have. At TriMark, our content and SEO strategists team up to ask ourselves, “What does my audience really want to know?” 

Josh: Keyword research is a big part of this. You never truly know your audience until you see what they search for. By doing keyword research, we can tap directly into your user’s motivations and behaviors to see what they are searching for right now. 

Molly: Once we figure out what your audience wants, we can evaluate what’s currently top-ranking for that topic and then make your content even better.

Josh: It might even achieve the coveted featured snippet, which means you’ll show up at the very top.

Molly: Google values these bulleted lists and tables because they help to break up long paragraphs and make it easier to scan the page. 

Josh: Writing SEO-friendly content is critical for your business. When done right, your website will rank higher in the search results, helping you to increase your organic traffic while outranking the competition.

Molly: If you need help writing content for SEO or have any questions about our marketing services, please visit our website at Thanks for watching!

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