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Powering Success: Transforming Lead Nurturing Through Community Management

What We Did
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Kohler Home Energy, a prominent manufacturer of generators and power solutions, launched a multi-million-dollar social media campaign to expand its market reach and engage with new audiences. This extensive campaign triggered a surge in comments, inquiries, and product discussions, compelling the need for a proactive approach to community management.

Our Strategic Approach

In our pursuit of not just maintaining a pristine brand image but also transforming the surge in social activity into qualified leads, enhancing customer experiences, optimizing paid social campaigns, and ushering in new sales opportunities, we seamlessly integrated social community management into Kohler Home Energy’s lead nurturing strategy.

The result? A holistic approach that not only nurtured leads but also built and nurtures relationships with potential customers. Our approach can be divided into several key components:

Examples of community management and social ads


Turning Prospects Into Qualified Leads Through Consumer Education

Monitoring social media conversations and engagements allowed us to identify trending topics, common questions, and content resonating with the audience. Leveraging these insights, we crafted informative blog posts, fueled our social medial updates, and wove these elements into our drip campaigns and monthly emails, empowering customers to make well-informed decisions.

A testament to our success, in response to customer demand for quotes on our social ads, we introduced a “Can I get an instant quote online?” email as part of the national drip campaign. This led to significantly higher open rates and more unique clicks compared to other email campaigns.

Mockup of email creative in phone

Fueled by first-hand conversation insights, our email marketing strategies produced elevated engagement.

67.9% Open Rate

8.4% Click Rate

12.3% Unique Clicks

Lead Engagement

Fostering Engagement, Building Trust, and Serving the Right Content at the Right Time.

Community management played a pivotal role in sustaining engagement with leads and increasing Kohler Home Energy’s visibility. We promptly addressed questions and concerns, ensuring that prospects received the information necessary to transition from product consideration to a final decision. Our personalized assistance through social media responses and direct messages led to remarkable improvements:


Blurb of community management examples
Blurb of community management examples
Blurb of community management examples

67.2% Increase in Engagement

33% Increase in Positive Sentiment

15k Landing Pages Visits from Conversations

12% New Visitors Requested a Quote


Unleashing the Potential of Authentic Testimonials and User-Generated Content.

Recognizing the persuasive influence of genuine customer experiences and stories, we proactively encouraged satisfied customers to share their success stories with Kohler generators. We initiated a paid campaign to solicit customer testimonials and actively engaged with happy customers.

Encouraging customers to share their stories not only strengthened their relationship with Kohler generators but also enabled us to seamlessly integrate their testimonials into region-specific paid advertising campaigns, ultimately yielding exceptional results.

Screenshot of testimonial ads and conversations about generators on social media

18.3% Increased User Engagement

7.2% Increase in Positive Sentiments

9.42% Conversion Rate on Testimonial Ads

Reputation Protection

Elevating Our Online Reputation

We expanded our community management efforts from organic and paid content to encompass reputation management. Recognizing the need for a more robust brand presence, we actively engaged with review sites like Consumer Affairs. Our team directed satisfied customers to Consumer Affairs to share their stories, leading to a substantial boost in Kohler generator’s star rating. In less than six months, Kohler generators witnessed a remarkable transformation, elevating their rating from 3 stars to an impressive 4.34 stars.

Screenshot of Consumer Affairs reviews


By incorporating social community management into Kohler Home Energy’s lead nurturing strategy, we revolutionized the way they connected with potential customers. We turned social media interactions into a valuable source of leads, optimized customer experiences and improved social campaigns in the process.

The results speak volumes. Our email marketing statistics reveal impressive engagement, while the conversion rate, reduced cost per acquisition, and elevated positive sentiment from testimonial campaigns provide compelling evidence of the power of authentic customer stories.

Our efforts not only bolstered brand affinity but also had a positive impact on the customer journey and landing page effectiveness. This case study serves as a model of excellence, illustrating how social community management can substantially enhance lead nurturing, drive conversions, and elevate brand perception, ultimately contributing to business growth and customer satisfaction.