Website Strategy

A Website Redesign Reflective of CAPTRUST’s White-Glove Approach

What We Did
Audience Discovery, Website & UX Strategy, Website Design & Development, Content Strategy, Organic Strategy, Conversion Strategy

The Challenge

Founded in 1997, CAPTRUST is an independent registered investment advisor serving ultra-high-net-worth individuals and institutions across the U.S. The firm prides itself as a trusted fiduciary and vigilant steward of its clients’ best interests.

CAPTRUST needed an updated website that more effectively communicated its core values and best-in-class customer service to three core audience groups. It was imperative that the design and user experience mirrored premium brands and stacked up against industry competitors.

Our Solution

Our team devised a four-part strategy to elevate and personalize CAPTRUST’s site experience, driving a 78% increase in engaged sessions.


Custom Audience


Unique Location

Defined Audiences

CAPTRUST has three primary audience types defined by their unique needs: Individuals, Retirement Plan Sponsors, and Endowments and Foundations. Each audience type offered further ways to distill and get more granular. We drilled into each with custom audience personas, outlining their working style, knowledge level, site goals, and most resonant calls-to-action. 

Armed with this information, we were able to make smart choices during the design and content writing phases. For example, we also updated the site’s navigation and structure to clearly funnel users to the most relevant child page.

Audience insights with computer of navigation

Custom Audience Journeys

Once we’d defined CAPTRUST’s main audiences, we knew a well-constructed website would revolve around anticipating their unique user experience. By using decision trees, we predicted each step along the way for each audience type. We thought through how each user type found their way to the site and traveled with them to possible endpoints they could reach on the site. 

Whether they wanted a look at CAPTRUST’s value set, wanted to know their nearest location, or were ready to take the step to meet an advisor, we ensured taking the next step was a seamless process with site experiences centered on tailored decision-making.

Screenshot of decision mapping and phone

Human-Centered Design

This project required a best-in-class user experience that mirrored the white-glove service clients receive from CAPTRUST offline. To elevate design across the site, we:

  • Ensured every element of the site was ADA-compliant with high-contrast brand colors, highly visible calls to action and pause options and transcripts available for all videos.
  • Rewrote and refined site content to reflect Hotjar findings around the most highly visible and relevant areas on site.
  • Used people-focused imagery, especially on the local pages, to bring life and a human element to the site. 
  • Took inspiration from familiar filtering used on eCommerce sites for the blog content, so customers can quickly find the tailored content they need. 
  • Created a streamlined site backend so CAPTRUST’s team can navigate and update site elements with ease in the future.
Image of website design with user testing next to it

Unique Location Pages

One of CAPTRUST’s biggest advantages over its competitors is its national footprint which can be tapped to support any client need. 

To capture local search traffic, our organic strategy centered around launching core office location landing pages to work alongside their 70+ Google business listings. This put a very literal face to their many locations and added a customer-friendly funnel directly into the site for a more conversion-focused site experience.

CAPTRUST’s growing list of locations added another moving element. CAPTRUST’s new site needed to be agile, able to keep up with their growth yet still easy to navigate for potential clients. We addressed this with a standardized template that could be easily replicated.

Image of google map with different location pins for CAPTRUST
Location page design for CAPTRUST
Boston specific location page design for CAPTRUST

The Results

New users were up 60% and sessions were up 54%, meaning more potential clients were finding the site as a result of our strong location and GMB strategies. Once on-site, the average engagement time per session was up 12%, indicating that the enhanced content, design, and UX keep potential clients interested and match their search intent. The number of sessions that had 2+ page views or resulted in a conversion event increased by 78%.

4 months after launch: (date range: 11/1/2023 – 2/29/2024 vs. 11/1/2022 – 3/1/2023)

60% Increase in New Users

54% Increase in Sessions

12% Increase in Average Engagement Time per Session

78% Increase in Engaged Sessions