Integrated Social Strategy

The Tea On Next-Level Social Strategy

What We Did
Organic Social, Paid Social, Photo & Video Production, Community Management, Influencer Marketing & Partnerships

The Challenge

Some of Bojangles’ largest franchises needed our help to cultivate customer loyalty and keep the drive-thru packed across the Southeast. We implemented paid and organic social strategies to connect with a diverse range of customers—from busy parents to college tailgaters.

The Solution

Creating A B-Line To Bojangles

We served up a 4-pronged approach to social media marketing that even the pickiest users couldn’t resist, leading to a 96% increase in overall user engagement with social content and a 27% increase in click-through rate across paid social (2023 YoY). 

How we did it

In-House Content Capture

Local Targeting

Organic Social Strategy

Paid Social Strategy

Capturing Photography & Video In-House

Each quarter, we capture fresh photo and video content for the most relevant and timely content. In an ever-changing social media landscape, we have to stay on top of trends to hit the griddle while it’s still hot. As a result, our production process is nimble and adaptive. 

Photo and video shoots are tailored to create content that feels native to each platform. Whether that means iPhone content that is edited in-app for TikTok or high-end productions for stunning product photography for Instagram, our in-house team works quickly and efficiently through the pre-production and post-production processes. 

Creative Examples
Video thumbnail of santa at the bus stop with Bojangles box
Video screenshot of car and

Targeting Y’all With Local Messaging

The Bojangles audience is broad because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love chicken and biscuits? To get specific, we identified core audiences and crafted unique content to resonate with each demographic’s needs.

  • College Students: hungry tailgaters and roadtrippers
  • Busy Families: parents looking for dinners on-the-go
  • Job Applicants: potential hires for the Bojangles’ team 
Image collage of Bojangles employees and college student holding up a chicken sandwich
Influencer Marketing

To further localize our strategy, we partnered with NC Eat & Play, a leading voice in the regional foodie scene, for a giveaway. As a genuine fan of the Bojangles brand, the content creator helped us maximize our organic social presence. A single collaboration post was able to reach 45.8k users, drive a 12.3% increase in followers, and spark conversation.

Screenshot of Bojangles Partnership Post

Partnership Post Results

45.8k Reach

12.3% Increase In Followers

Sports Team Partnerships

Bo’s is a local favorite on game day. We sponsored college and professional sports teams in relevant markets, making the Big Bo Tailgate Box a staple at NC State, UNC, Duke, and ECU tailgates and a key stop on the way to Panthers football games. 

Social post with Duke and Notre Dame in the feed
Ecu fan holding up Bojangles Chicken
Panther's Bojangles Box
North Carolina State fan Tailgaters enjoying Bojangles

Monthly Organic Content Calendars – Made From Scratch 

Content from our quarterly shoots and creator partnerships are coupled with graphics and animations from our talented creative team.

We organize it all into a cohesive social media calendar — delivered monthly — with optimized posting dates and times to coincide with audiences’ peak activity times.

Each calendar takes into account the trending audio, hashtags, seasonal holidays, and ongoing insights from community management efforts.

2-3 Posts Per Week

10-12 Posts Per Month

144 Posts Per Year

Image of content calendar and social post examples from Bojangles

2023 YoY Organic Social Results

65M Impressions

96% Increase In Engagement Rate

50% Increase In Post Links Clicks

814% Increase In Audience Growth

Adding A Side Of Spend

To round out the organic social strategy and build on its momentum, we amplify our message with paid media budgets to increase brand awareness, expand audience engagement, and drive in-store sales.

  • We select and boost relevant organic posts, driving a higher post engagement rate and greater page interaction.
  • With placements on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, we meet hungry customers on platforms where they spend the most time. Our layered targeting strategy includes both food and sporting interests, along with retargeting tactics to remind those who have previously engaged with the brand of Bojangles’ delicious southern flair.
  • In addition to monthly promos, we are able to use our dollars to effectively drive qualified crew and manager applications right from the social feed.

2023 Paid Stats over Meta and Snapchat

73.5M Impressions

120k Clicks

25% Decrease In CPC

27% Increase In CTR

Screenshot of Bojangles ad for picnic fixin's
Screenshot of Bojangles ad in phone
Screenshot of Bojangles ad combo


Bojangles’ fans love using and sharing branded SnapChat filters. Our Valentine’s-themed filter had a share rate of 800% above industry average.

Photo of iPhone showing snapchat filer for Bojangles Bo Berry Biscuits
Looking Ahead

8 Years And Counting

From algorithm changes to economic ups and downs, social media for the QSR industry is ever-changing. While many creators and brands have struggled to navigate the tricky water, we’ve helped Bojangles come out on top.

For 8 years running, we have effectively cultivated and reinforced customer loyalty for this well-known Southern brand with fiery, cajun-fueled creative and a finely measured paid social strategy.

Creatively, they always bring their A-game and stay on top of trends, while still keeping with our company core values. Our 8+ year relationship continues to expand in other areas and I value the strong partnership we’ve created.


Amanda Arnold, Director of Human Resources, Bojangles