TriMark Digital Presents on Data-Driven Marketing at the ACLEA 51st Annual Meeting

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TriMark Digital announces President Randy Goins represented the company as a presenter at the Association of Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA)’s 51st Annual Meeting in Chicago, leading the opening remarks of a session highlighting “Better Living Through Data.” In his discussion, Goins shared insights on how data-driven decisions help business evolve and innovate.

ACLEA, a global organization dedicated to the advancement of CLE professionals, convenes each year at its annual meeting to share knowledge, circulate relevant news, elaborate on the most promising industry trends and more for legal professionals. With the rise of “big data” and its potential to impact marketing messages, ACLEA asked Goins to lead a discussion, alongside Ryan Graham from Peach New Media and Amy Plent of JDS Consulting, about how digital data can lead to better living and more relevant user experiences.

As president of TriMark Digital, a data-driven marketing agency, Goins has seen firsthand the value of big data and urged CLE professionals to harness these advanced insights for the growth of their own businesses. With cutting-edge softwares that reveal virtually every aspect of consumer behavior, Goins illustrated how companies can interpret big data and use it to improve the lives of the customers they serve. See the full presentation video below.

“The opportunity to team up with Amy & Ryan to speak on the impact data has on our decisions and lives was very rewarding for me and I can only hope our presentation was equally rewarding and educational for our audience,” said Goins. “It was truly an honor representing ACLEA and I’m hopeful the association also found the presentation to be informative and valuable to its membership.”

Watch the video here:

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ACLEA, the Association for Continuing Legal Education, is a dynamic organization devoted to improving the performance of CLE professionals. Established in 1964, ACLEA is an international association. While members are primarily from the United States and Canada, they also hail from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Mexico. Administrators, trainers, managers, educators, publishers, programmers and meeting professionals are all members of ACLEA. This diversity in background and outlook makes ACLEA the best source for information on CLE today.