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High-performance marketing meets America’s fastest growing solar company.


Driving 88% more solar leads at a lower cost.

What We Did
Lead Generation, Paid Media, Paid Social, Website Design + Development, Organic Search, Content Strategy, Blog Strategy, Email Marketing

POWERHOME SOLAR, the fastest growing solar company in America, came to TriMark for help competing in a marketplace cornered by established local competitors and other large national players.

To meet aggressive growth goals, we deployed a targeted lead generation strategy in existing and new markets. This required a multilayer media approach, incorporating both national and local tactics, while elevating POWERHOME SOLAR’s brand and emphasizing their unique differentiators.

Our Challenge

High-octane lead generation with local finesse.

The solar industry has matured, but so has the consumer. Today, prospects may receive three or four quotes before purchasing–most of them from local contractors. And for larger regional players like POWERHOME SOLAR, that can result in lost opportunities down the sales funnel.

To help increase close rates without sacrificing volume, we devised a flexible and scalable strategy aggressive enough to win more business in established territories and tactical enough to generate demand in all new geos unfamiliar with the brand—all while the COVID-19 pandemic strained in-home consultation options.

With a diverse suite of paid search, paid social and organic search strategies, we met users with targeted, localized messages that positioned POWERHOME SOLAR as the obvious choice for consumers.

Jayson Waller overview image

In one year, we’ve generated…

13% Total Marketing Cost

$64MM Sales Generated

Organic + SEO Strategy

A holistic blend of both branded and non-branded organic growth.

In order to be heard in a space full of already trusted voices, TriMark’s organic strategy for POWERHOME SOLAR needed to be fueled by top shelf marketing intelligence and contemporary best practices.

With an emphasis on attracting quality, high-intent users, TriMark targeted an optimal mix of both branded and non-branded organic growth using such holistic tactics as:

  • Synergistic Local & National Strategy Development
  • Competitive Analysis & High-Intent Keyword Targeting
  • Organic Content Development
  • Positive Link Building & Offsite Optimization
  • Advanced Schema Markup
  • Symbiotic Deployment with Paid
  • Technical Site Health & Onsite Optimization
  • Creative Video Production
  • Conversion Optimization
  • User Experience Design
  • Core Web Vitals Optimization
POWERHOME SOLAR SEO performance screenshot
national and local PHS homepages

27% Growth in Organic Rankings

23% Growth in Organic Traffic

47% Improvement in Organic Conversion Rate

Paid Social Media

Paid social campaigns to educate, engage, and empower consumers.

Through our social media campaigns, we established the POWERHOME SOLAR brand in saturated markets and attracted to consumers in a way competitors were not. 

Full funnel holistic paid strategies allowed the paid social campaigns to also target and nurture motivated leads through the sales cycle. Working within brand guidelines and a constantly evolving market, TriMark was able to adapt to the shifting trends of social platforms and customize our approach based on user-driven data.

  • Instant forms
  • Full-funnel strategy
  • Tailored messaging & creative
  • Educational content
  • Platform adoption testing
  • Localized campaigns
  • A/B testing
  • Optimized landing page
paid social ad examples

34% of Landing Page Traffic Driven by Paid Social Ads

95.5MM Impressions Generated

16.3K Video Views

Paid Search + Display Advertising

Capturing the attention of high-intent audiences.

Paid search and display strategy played an integral role in our integrated marketing process. In order to effectively compete with well-established players in a highly competitive market, we utilized a carefully curated approach to paid search. 

This included a combination of tactics designed to play off of each other and maximize the overall results. Some of these practices included:

  • Paid Search & Display Strategy
  • Landing page strategy
  • Smart Bidding with Manual Day to Day Management
  • Geographic Targeted Campaign Setup
  • Custom Audiences
  • Ad Copy & Creative Optimization
  • Negative Keyword List Expansion
  • Offline Conversion Tracking
display ad arrangement
PHS landing page mockup

73,193 Total Leads Generated

$113 Cost-per Lead

15% Marketing Cost

Our Results.

Big Goals. Bigger Results.

In order to keep POWERHOME SOLAR the fastest growing solar company in America, our team needed to strategically balance quantity and quality from lead generation all the way down to the sale. Our integrated organic, search, display, video and social campaigns drove big results in the form of more leads, more sales, a higher close rate and, overall, more revenue.

88% Increase in Lead Volume YOY

132% Increase in Sales Volume YOY

50% Increase in close rate YOY

181% Increase in Revenue YOY